Initial struct marshalling.
[polintos/scott/priv.git] / idlcomp /
2008-05-12 Scott WoodInitial struct marshalling.
2008-04-07 Scott Woodidlcomp: valgrind fixes
2008-04-07 Scott Woodparser: remove unnecessary retains
2008-04-06 Scott WoodRelease lang_priv.
2007-12-22 Scott Woodxfer to loki
2007-12-10 Scott WoodMove arrays to Util namespace, add parametric allocator.
2007-10-28 Scott WoodSome weak symbol usage, and some marshalling stuff.
2007-10-08 Scott WoodXfer to desktop
2007-09-27 Scott Woodidlcomp/c++: Separate output_nsdecl into begin/children...
2007-09-27 Scott Woodidlcomp: Make idl_error() accept a const pointer.
2007-09-27 Scott Woodxfer to laptop
2007-07-29 Scott WoodAdd IFaceInfo.
2007-07-14 Scott WoodFix GCC 4.1.3 issues
2007-07-04 Scott WoodMerge branch 'origin'
2007-07-04 Scott Woodxfer to odin
2007-06-26 Scott Woodbuild fixes
2007-06-12 Scott Woodxfer to odin
2006-12-10 Scott WoodLicense change.
2006-12-09 Scott WoodAdd copyright to idlcomp files that were previously...
2006-12-09 Scott WoodRemove C language stub.
2006-12-09 Scott WoodSwitch to a simple X11-style license.
2006-12-03 Scott WoodFix a couple compiler errors that GCC 4.0 noticed.
2006-12-03 Scott WoodInitial checkin from Perforce.