Add first draft of marshalling spec
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2007-05-26 Scott Woodupdate
2007-04-11 Scott Woodbmaptree and radix fixes
2007-04-11 Scott WoodMake in_kernel() static inline.
2007-04-11 Scott WoodORBMM changes and other stuff
2007-03-27 Scott Woodxfer to desktop
2007-03-20 Scott Woodxfer to laptop
2007-02-26 Scott WoodLots of stuff.
2006-12-26 Scott WoodUse GCC builtins for bit scanning. The minor benefit...
2006-12-10 Scott WoodLicense change.
2006-12-09 Scott WoodSwitch to a simple X11-style license.
2006-12-03 Scott WoodInitial checkin from Perforce.