Initial struct marshalling.
[polintos/scott/priv.git] / kernel /
2007-12-10 Scott WoodMove arrays to Util namespace, add parametric allocator.
2007-08-14 Scott Woodfixes/cleanup
2007-08-05 Scott WoodMove stdio defs to stdio.h, and fix an x86 makefile...
2007-08-05 Scott WoodMove some freestanding libc functions from the kernel...
2007-08-05 Scott WoodGCC 4.2.1 fixes, plus a couple library functions.
2007-07-14 Scott WoodFix GCC 4.1.3 issues
2007-06-26 Scott Woodbuild fixes
2007-06-25 Scott Woodminor orb stuff
2007-05-26 Scott Woodupdate
2007-04-19 Scott WoodReturn to the int98 vsyscall code when returning from...
2007-04-19 Scott WoodRemove redundant type declarations.
2007-04-18 Scott WoodRegs struct, int98/99
2007-04-12 Scott Woodrandom kernel stuff
2007-03-20 Scott Woodxfer to laptop
2007-03-03 Scott WoodUntangle header file interdependencies.
2007-03-03 Scott WoodUse a radix tree for IDRMap.
2007-02-26 Scott WoodLots of stuff.
2006-12-10 Scott WoodLicense change.
2006-12-09 Scott WoodSwitch to a simple X11-style license.
2006-12-03 Scott WoodRemove Mem.AddrSpace.alloc_and_map(); a Mappable that...
2006-12-03 Scott WoodAdd AnonMem, and s/get_entry/get_mapping/.
2006-12-03 Scott WoodInitial checkin from Perforce.