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2008-05-12 Scott WoodInitial struct marshalling.
2008-05-11 Scott WoodAdd distributors to liability disclaimer. Need to...
2008-04-07 Scott Woodidlcomp: valgrind fixes
2008-04-07 Scott Woodparser: remove unnecessary retains
2008-04-07 Scott WoodRun valgrind on idlc by default.
2008-04-06 Scott WoodRelease lang_priv.
2008-03-23 Scott WoodMakefiles: Add Linux-style V=1 support
2008-03-03 Scott WoodCompare strings as unsigned, regardless of default...
2008-03-03 Scott WoodFix stupid memcmp bug
2007-12-22 Scott Woodxfer to loki
2007-12-10 Scott WoodMove arrays to Util namespace, add parametric allocator.
2007-12-10 Scott WoodAdd polintos config to STLport.
2007-12-09 Scott WoodFix typo in memset arg name.
2007-11-25 Scott WoodUpdate year in doc/attributions
2007-11-25 Scott WoodAdd STLport 5.1.4
2007-10-28 Scott WoodSome weak symbol usage, and some marshalling stuff.
2007-10-08 Scott WoodXfer to desktop
2007-09-27 Scott Woodidlcomp/c++: Separate output_nsdecl into begin/children...
2007-09-27 Scott Woodidlcomp: Make idl_error() accept a const pointer.
2007-09-27 Scott Woodxfer to laptop
2007-08-23 Scott WoodFix bug in %hh handling.
2007-08-14 Scott Woodfixes/cleanup
2007-08-05 Scott WoodMove stdio defs to stdio.h, and fix an x86 makefile...
2007-08-05 Scott WoodMore libc functions, and build-as-c fixes.
2007-08-05 Scott Woodbuild: C builds were incorrectly using g++ rather than...
2007-08-05 Scott WoodMove some freestanding libc functions from the kernel...
2007-08-05 Scott Woodbuild: Set flags for building C code, and add AR/RANLIB...
2007-08-05 Scott WoodUpdate copyright year.
2007-08-05 Scott WoodGCC 4.2.1 fixes, plus a couple library functions.
2007-08-05 Scott WoodAdd toolchain patches.
2007-07-29 Scott WoodAdd IFaceInfo.
2007-07-14 Scott WoodRemove #if 0 section.
2007-07-14 Scott WoodFix GCC 4.1.3 issues
2007-07-04 Scott WoodMerge branch 'origin'
2007-07-04 Scott Woodxfer to odin
2007-06-26 Scott Woodbuild fixes
2007-06-25 Scott Woodminor orb stuff
2007-06-12 Scott Woodxfer to odin
2007-05-27 Scott WoodAdd first draft of marshalling spec
2007-05-26 Scott Woodupdate
2007-04-19 Scott WoodAlways use eax/edx; this makes throwing an exception...
2007-04-19 Scott WoodReturn to the int98 vsyscall code when returning from...
2007-04-19 Scott WoodRemove redundant type declarations.
2007-04-18 Scott WoodRegs struct, int98/99
2007-04-18 Scott WoodABI update.
2007-04-12 Scott Woodrandom kernel stuff
2007-04-11 Scott Woodbmaptree and radix fixes
2007-04-11 Scott WoodMake in_kernel() static inline.
2007-04-11 Scott WoodORBMM changes and other stuff
2007-04-11 Scott WoodIDL updates.
2007-04-11 Scott WoodDocument new memory management semantics.
2007-04-09 Scott WoodIgnore .gdb_history
2007-03-27 Scott Woodxfer to desktop
2007-03-20 Scott Woodxfer to laptop
2007-03-03 Scott WoodUntangle header file interdependencies.
2007-03-03 Scott WoodUse a radix tree for IDRMap.
2007-03-03 Scott WoodUse -freg-struct-return.
2007-02-26 Scott WoodLots of stuff.
2006-12-26 Scott WoodUse GCC builtins for bit scanning. The minor benefit...
2006-12-10 Scott WoodOops, the disclamer somehow ended up in there twice.
2006-12-10 Scott WoodLicense change.
2006-12-10 Scott WoodEven simpler license.
2006-12-10 Scott WoodUpdate the PIB documentation.
2006-12-09 Scott WoodAdd copyright to idlcomp files that were previously...
2006-12-09 Scott WoodRemove C language stub.
2006-12-09 Scott WoodSwitch to a simple X11-style license.
2006-12-03 Scott WoodRemove Mem.AddrSpace.alloc_and_map(); a Mappable that...
2006-12-03 Scott WoodAdd AnonMem, and s/get_entry/get_mapping/.
2006-12-03 Scott WoodIgnore the build directory.
2006-12-03 Scott WoodFix a couple compiler errors that GCC 4.0 noticed.
2006-12-03 Scott WoodInitial checkin from Perforce.